It's a profession, not just a job title

Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Management Assistant, Admin Professional,... There are many names and designations. However, the fact that "Executive Assistant" is a profession and not just a title is frequently and deliberately overlooked or ignored. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of ignorance about the importance of this professional group in keeping a company running.

At Trafo Baden, assistants make up around 70% of all direct contacts. In order to better understand the needs of this large customer group, we have entered into various national and international partnerships over the past two years. On this page, we tell you all the latest news on the subject of "assistants" at Trafo Baden (and elsewhere).

Course: ACEA • Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant

03 to 07 June 2024, at the Convention Centre Trafo Baden.

Course Language: English


with Richard Arnott, the founder of the ACEA course

The Groundbreaking, Globally Recognised, Certified & Accredited Training Course for the Modern-Day Executive Assistant.

The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® is an intensive and interactive executive level training course.

The role of the Executive Assistant is on a journey and the responsibilities of this highly demanding and visible role continue to grow exponentially.

ACEA® equips current and aspiring Executive Assistants with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

Course: The Modern-Day Assistant

25 + 26 September 2024, at the Convention Centre Trafo Baden

Course Language: German.

Lucy Brazier OBE's signature course for the first time in German, exclusively at Trafo Baden.


hosted by Laura Belgrado

The role of the Assistant has changed beyond recognition. The press is full of stories about how the role is disappearing and we know that many of the task-based parts of the job are either being outsourced or taken over by artificial intelligence. Still, it is also rated by Glassdoor as one of the top 10 careers of the future.

So where does that leave you?

There has never been a more confusing time to be an Assistant because the responsibilities have developed so fast. And coming out of Covid, you have never needed to prove your value to the business and what you contribute to the bottom line so categorically.

In this ground-breaking training, Laura Belgrado looks at the role – past, present and future – to explain why it has developed how it has. She explores the opportunities this creates for you to become a true business partner to your executive, including developing the partnership, establishing the ground rules, communicating, adapting to their style and maintaining a great partnership.

The Empower Hour. Live at Trafo Baden.

Welcome to The Empower Hour, the ultimate gathering of Admin Professionals and Assistants, where Lucy Brazier, Peggy Vasquez and Diana Brandl, the leading voices of the Assistants community, come together to share insights, strategies and inspiration.

This exceptional event is exclusively for those who form the backbone of organisations, keep operations running smoothly and empower leaders to perform at their best. Our panel of experts understands the unique challenges and demands of your role and want to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to master them effectively.


Join us as we explore the latest trends, best practices and innovative solutions to help you succeed. Our high calibre speakers, made up of industry experts and thought leaders, will give you practical advice and share their experiences of how they overcame adversity.

Whether you're a seasoned Admin Professional or just getting your career off the ground, this event promises to be an invaluable opportunity to network with like-minded people, make new contacts and share ideas. You can look forward to a thought-provoking atmosphere that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to take part in an unforgettable experience that will have a positive impact on your career and lead you to greater success.


  • 19:00 h Delegates arrive
  • 19:15 h The Empower Hour
  • 20:30 h Apéro Riche by Trafo Baden
  • 21.30 h End of the Event

Tickets will be available from May 2024. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Reto Leder, CEO Trafo Baden, at or by telephone on +41 76 426 73 86.

Speaker Portraits:

LUCY BRAZIER OBE │ CEO, Marcham Publishing | International Speaker | Conference Chair | Expert on the Administrative Sector

Author of the book "The Modern-Day Assistant: Build Your Influence and Boost Your Potential", Lucy is passionate about ensuring that the role of assistant is truly recognised as a career and not just a job, and is dedicated to promoting the development of experienced and aspiring admin professionals.

Her impressive training experience and speaking style has given her the opportunity to train, present and moderate in over 50 countries at more than 650 events, including chairing the 2015 World Administrators Summit in Papua New Guinea and co-moderating every World Administrators Summit since. Lucy has been a keynote speaker at almost every major conference for PAs in the world.

PEGGY VASQUEZ │ Inspirational Speaker | Best-Selling Author | Empowerment Coach | Former Chief EA

Peggy Vasquez is an inspirational speaker, a bestselling author and an empowerment coach. She began her career as a receptionist and worked her way up to Executive Assistant.

She is a certified trainer and winner of leadership awards. Internationally, Peggy is known for her inspirational keynotes and she has a gift for getting her audiences to open up and connect.

DIANA BRANDL │ International Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Consultant

Diana Brandl has a degree in international administration and management.

She is an international speaker, trainer and consultant specialising in digital transformation, new work, personal branding and leadership.

Diana is the host of "The Future Assistant" podcast and a LinkedIn Learning Trainer.

The Empower Hour

The Modern-Day Assistant • The new Book by Lucy Brazier OBE

On 9 October 2023, Trafo Baden hosted the book launch with Lucy Brazier OBE for her book "The Modern-Day Assistant. Build your influence and boost your potential."

The official book launch in Switzerland took place in the presence of 40 guests. Lucy Brazier, who received the Officer of the Order of the British Empire award from King Charles III in 2023, took the opportunity to launch her brand new book the day before her course of the same name, "The Modern-Day Assistant".

"The Modern-Day Assistant is a must-read book. I really enjoyed reading it. Lucy delivers a truly knowledgeable, heartfelt book for assistants and their managers."
Samantha Cox, COO, Denny Group and former assistant to Sir Richard Branso