Save time, save costs, and protect the environment while you're at it

How many people can be accommodated in a hall if a distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained? How does the event hall with gala dinner seating for 250 people look like? These and many other questions are asked by most customers who are organising an event at Trafo Baden for the first time.

The reality is that an event hall cannot be reseated 4 times every day. The effort involved would be incalculable ... in the "normal" world. In the virtual world however it is, with the least possible effort and you don't even have to drive to Baden for a side inspection.

Views in 2D, 3D bird's eye view and 3D person view

As soon we set up a virtual hall for you, you will receive a link to your event project. There you will see the hall in a 2D plan. From there you can easily switch to 3D from a bird's eye view or the view from the ground. With the arrows on your keyboard you can move freely in the hall.

If you want to view the project on an iPad, use the arrows that appear on the bottom right of the screen. Unfortunately the tour is not yet optimized for smartphones.