Better together

The Trafo Baden Congress Centre pursues a clear vision here: with 600 events per year, the Trafo is a place for the exchange of knowledge and collaboration. Partnerships serve to realise this vision profitably for everyone involved.

Why are these partnerships so important to us? Firstly, they give us access to a broad network of experts and industry leaders from all over the world. This lively exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience is invaluable and helps to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of international developments and customer needs.

Headline Sponsor of Executive Support

At first glance, Executive Support appears to be a training company that provides first class training from the best trainers for the assistant profession, in whatever format you want or need.

However, ES's success is not only based on their products, but also on a core belief that they are there for each and every assistant to ensure they realise their full potential.

As a headline sponsor of ES, the Congress Centre Trafo Baden is much more than "just another sponsor".

As part of a broad-based partnership, we as event experts contribute all our knowledge and expertise in successful event planning and make it available to the international Assistants Community free of charge.

In 2024, a total of 3 courses and events will take place at Trafo that are specifically aimed at admin professionals.


Executive Support

Knowledge without Borders

The Congress Centre Trafo Baden is the exclusive Platinum Partner of the World Administrators Alliance WAA.

As part of this co-operation, we support the international admin community with valuable knowledge about event planning.

About the World Administrators Alliance

The WA-Alliance is a non-profit organisation representing administrators' associations, networks and industry partners around the world.

The WA Alliance is also the publisher of the Global Skills Matrix. A globally recognised, award-winning framework for admin professionals and HR teams to identify the job levels for a particular role and the career opportunities, regardless of country, to unlock the potential of an effective admin professional for an organisation.

Our vision
We want to create a global community in which admin professionals can speak with one voice.

Our Mission
To lead, develop, influence and promote the profession of Admin Professionals.


The Big Network

We are an exclusive Platinum Partner of IMA Worldwide and a Business Partner of IMA Switzerland.

Here, too, it is important to us to share our event knowledge with as many assistants as possible and thus contribute to simpler planning processes.

About the International Management Assistants Switzerland

"Our primary goal is to dust off the reputation of Assistants in Switzerland. A professional Assistant is no longer just a "coffee-bringing typist". Today's modern Assistant takes on operational responsibility in processing, project management and leadership.

A successful manager requires a forward-thinking, cross-linked and well-trained Assistant. We provide opportunities for further training, cross-cultural relationships, exchange of ideas and international meetings. We create an image of the Assistant as an essential part of the management team."

"We form a network of highly competent assistants. You are of course very welcome as a guest at our IMA activities. Should you have any questions, comments or requests, please do not hesitate to contact the members of the National Committee or the respective Regional Chairman directly. Be an active part of the team - be IMAgnificent!"

IMA Members enjoy special conditions at Trafo Baden. Please contact us for more information.


Association Events

National and international associations find the perfect conditions for successful events at Trafo Baden. Our association customers include:

  • Opticians' Association Team 93
  • Swiss Brewers Association
  • Aargau Football Association
  • IHS Engineering Hospital Switzerland
  • Kitchen Switzerland
  • Association of Swiss Electrical Inspectors
  • Association of Swiss Master Carpenters and Furniture Manufacturers
  • Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association
  • World Nuclear Association London
  • and many more.

We have been a member of ICCA for many years, primarily to stay informed of the event needs of associations.

About ICCA - International Congress and Convention Association

ICCA is the global community and knowledge hub for the international association meetings industry. An estimated 24,000 association meetings are organised on a regular basis. The ICCA association database has collected information on about 80% of them.